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Orthophar Animal Care stands for quality and innovation!

Orthophar, ahv supplementen prestatie en conditie van duif en paard verbeterenOrthophar Animal Care stands for quality and innovation!

Orthophar is a young and dynamic company, established by pharmacist D. Flament and veterinarian A. Vanneste. The company’s objective is to develop high-quality and scientifically founded nutritional supplements, keeping your animals in great shape. We can achieve this objective thanks to several years of interest and well-founded knowledge of orthomolecular (nutritional) medicine. Furthermore, we can rely on years of practical experience.

The orthomolecular vision is based on one essential, basic principle: we try to find the right molecule in its optimal concentration from a biochemical point of view. Doing so, we try to guide some specific metabolical processes in a certain direction, e.g. maximizing energy supply and oxygen absorption, optimizing effort capacity or avoiding muscle acidification.

In these processes, it is essential that this knowledge is being completed with relevant, scientifically founded, practical experience. After calculating a unique formula, the product is being extensively tested in actual practice. The further development of the product will only continue after its effectiveness has been proven. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) are being used during production to assure a high quality product.

As our products are nutritional supplements and not medicines, they can be bought without prescription at your local pharmacist (Belgium), animal care shops or at our webshop:

  • pharmacist: your order will be simplified by using the CNK-code that you will find on any product.
  • Animal care shop: for the nearest distribution point, please send an email to info@benelux-pet.com and clearly state your address. You will receive a reply with the addresses of the nearest distribution points.
  • webshop: You can order our products from any country at our webshop. However, if you order online, we have to charge the shipping costs.

We are convinced that the Orthophar products will lead to a healthy and productive management of your animals. Choosing Orthophar means choosing quality and innovation!

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